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            Parts enterprises that bring heavy pressure: three to 6 emission "adjustment"
            Column:Industry news Time:2014-10-22 Browsing volume: 264

            In the summer of 2014, is a "eventful" summer. "Upgrade" motor vehicle emissions are one of the industry's hottest topic.

            All seats are occupied. conference room, late simply from the outside and moved to sit in a chair back. A corporate engineer technology seminar held in Beijing have participated in the early 8 "emission standards" to reporters described such a scene. It is reported, by the end of 7, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Beijing Chinese Liangmaqiao hotel also held technical seminars, the meeting lasted for two days, the site also are full of.

            From February last year, the industry on the sixth phase of emission standards may be "turned" the news has not been interrupted. Up to now, the standard formulation of related party released the news from the sixth stage emission, and the forum, in various industry conferences and exchanges, according to industry sources will almost certainly have two points, one is the 2016 Beijing will take the lead in the implementation of the sixth stage discharge standard. Two is the new standard or will introduce standard system America do some revision.

            One of the over pressure: the new standard in 2016 to implement switching

            The reporter interviewed a number of independent car companies, for the sixth stage may butt American standard view, results show that businesses are opposed to replace the system of practices, and agreed that the two completely different kinds of systems, all overturn replacement cost too much. Although the industry opposition is relatively large, but enforcement, under the weight of the car enterprises also have to face the difficult challenge. At the present time has entered the countdown, the distance in 2016 and less than one and a half years, whether the enterprise can smoothly take over? The reporter for many parts enterprises and conducted a follow-up interview.

            "Immediately turned and switching system in California, and requested the implementation of the short term is not realistic, as we talk about the Communist society, just a common goal, the ideal requirements of high standard, but the reality is very far distance. Too hasty to implement the sixth phase of the standard, the host plant and engine development products too hastily, in the practical application of the product can meet the real needs of the sixth stage of the discharge standard of worth pondering." An engine enterprise sales department responsible persons told reporters.

            In fact, such a pessimistic answer, far more than one.

            Eberg exhaust technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. exhaust technology sales and project technical director LINDA believes that the sixth stage whether using European standard or American Standard, for heavy engine emissions technology roadmap requirements for vehicles to install and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and micro particle collector (DPF). The two technical route is very high demand on oil, but in the short term the same quality of oil is difficult to cover the whole country. Once Beijing vehicles to the field, use of non-standard fuel will cause damage to the engine and aftertreatment systems lead to emission standards. In addition, for the heavy duty automobile, only in 2016 the implementation of the new standards in Beijing, the market demand is less, and the automobile factory models a lot, the corresponding post processor are also more than a. But a research enterprise needs to consume the mold fees cost 10 million yuan, the short term enterprises difficult to recycle the funds invested.

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