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            Parts manufacturers are no longer the automobile recall spectator
            Column:Industry news Time:2014-10-22 Browsing volume: 259

            Recently, the State Quality Inspection Administration website implementation of "defective automobile product recall management regulations" (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as "the draft"). In addition to the defective automobile products recall management regulations on 2013 the formal implementation of the "" (referred to as "Regulations") are refined and the standard, the "draft" the biggest bright spot is the first parts producers into the recall system.

            The car is a collection composed of tens of thousands of parts, any parts quality problem or design defects, are the hidden trouble of safety. This newspaper has done statistics, in 2013 China's auto recall (not including commercial vehicles), parts materials do not meet the specification is an important factor in the recall, and occurred more than with an auto parts influence causes many automobile factories at the same time the recall case. For this reason, many industry insiders call, should formulate relevant provisions of parts recall.

            In foreign countries, parts recall precedents. Such as the United States since 1966 since the implementation of the recall, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires automakers to fulfill vehicle and parts recall obligations. By the end of 2012, involving a total of about 84000000 recall parts. But in our country, except in 2011, 2013 Kumho tires Bridgestone tyres had to recall, this is almost a blank. "Opinions" issued, no doubt to the automobile parts production enterprises in a straitjacket, in front of the recall, parts producer is no longer a bystander, also should fulfill the corresponding responsibilities and obligations.

            However, I think the car producers and suppliers of parts, in violation of relevant provisions fined ~3 yuan 10000 amount only inadequate, the warning significance than punishment. In the current implementation of the "Regulations", although referred to the violation of regulations about the situation, will be punished by heavy fines shall be ordered to make corrections and to different degrees, but in more than a year's practice, although many enterprises do not actively fulfill duty of recall, but there is no house was opened up for tickets. The author thinks, if the punishment measures of superficial, or is useless, it will affect their future implementation effect.

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