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            Status Quo and Problems of China's Machinery Manufacturing Industry
            Column:Industry news Time:2015-06-02 Browsing volume: 269

            1. Status of China's machinery manufacturing industry

            Machinery manufacturing industry is the pillar industry for the development of China's national economy. Through years of development, it has accumulated a wealth of theoretical and practical experience. In the entire manufacturing industry, the status of the machinery manufacturing industry is very important, and the development of various industries is guaranteed by providing various machinery. The development speed of the national economy has a very close relationship with the level of technology in the machinery manufacturing industry. From the founding of New China to the present, China has established a complete machinery manufacturing system including light industry and heavy industry, and has achieved world-renowned achievements.

            However, due to the late start of China's machinery manufacturing industry and its weak foundation, it is also affected by the technical blockades of other countries, which makes China's machinery manufacturing face many problems. Compared with developed countries, there is a considerable gap, which is mainly reflected in: the quality and technical level of the products produced are not high; there are too few products with independent intellectual property rights; backward manufacturing technology and processes, and the structure is not reasonable enough; Capacity; and there are certain deficiencies in advanced manufacturing technology and production management. With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for individualization will become more intense. As a machinery manufacturing industry that has penetrated into all walks of life and has become a basic industry, it is facing how to adapt to market demand. serious challenge.

            2. Problems existing in the production process of the current machinery manufacturing industry

            Through research, there are several problems in the production system of China's machinery manufacturing enterprises:

             (1) Cost management control is more difficult

             The technology update speed of machinery manufacturing enterprises is getting faster and faster. The original product technology has been unacceptable to the market for a long time. The technology update will increase the cost and occupy a lot of capital of the enterprise. Mechanically manufactured products are highly customizable, and are basically assembled, manufactured, designed, and produced according to orders. The specifications of the products are diverse, and the production and purchase of raw materials are extremely complicated, which easily results in additional costs. At the same time, in order to control the quality of products, It is easy to cause cost increase. Cost management involves multiple links. However, the current cost control of machinery manufacturing enterprises only stays on the cost accounting, it is difficult to effectively reduce costs, and then cause waste, which is not in line with the idea of lean production.

             (2) Production operation and production site

            The production concept of some staff members is relatively backward, and the production operation concept is difficult to adapt to the needs of market competition. The main manifestations are: there is no perfect production control plan, no ERP plan for the machinery manufacturing enterprise; the production plan and procurement plan cannot be effectively combined, and the level of parts is insufficient; the lack of accurate cost calculation and insufficient cost control; labor cost accounting is usually Under the circumstances, it is only possible to calculate the cost of the product, and it is difficult to calculate the cost of the parts. The cost allocation is very rough, and the collection of some cost data is still manual collection. The accuracy of the data is insufficient, and the cost calculation is not accurate enough. Business processes are unreasonable, information is scattered, untimely, inaccurate, and not shared; there is a large amount of information exchange between manufacturing production, supply, marketing, people, finance, and goods, and lack of standardized, standardized, institutionalized, and stylized management; A series of procedure documents have been formulated, but the effect of implementation varies between enterprises and managers; management tools are relatively backward; enterprises are still in manual decentralized management or single computer management.

             (3) Blind production, causing problems in product inventory and enterprise capital turnover

            Machinery manufacturing enterprises are high-tech enterprises, but domestic manufacturing enterprises are still seriously inadequate in core technology, which has led many companies to follow blind manufacturing practices and fail to produce their own distinctive products. In the process of following the trend, many companies blindly produce without a detailed and reasonable production plan. Blind production will lead to a series of serious consequences: the products produced are saturated in the market. If the blind production is carried out, it may cause the product to be unsaleable, which will result in the backlog of product inventory, occupying a large amount of funds, and causing the company's capital turnover to fail.

             (4) Problems with quality management

            Without a sound quality assurance system, each inspection system needs to be further strengthened; the quality process control ability is insufficient, resulting in a large amount of quality costs; visual management of quality, preventive management, and quality countermeasures in the future need further strengthen. At the same time, there is a lack of process quality control and serious process losses. In the process of product production, it is affected by many factors, causing fluctuations in product quality. If the ability to guarantee quality cannot be continued in the production process, it should be discovered as early as possible and surveyed to ensure the quality through corresponding measures.

            3. How to use the specific measures of lean production to solve production problems

            (1) Reduce product costs from multiple approaches

            Reduce product cost from design. When designing products, you must use generalization, standardization, and serialization to control manufacturing and logistics costs; optimize the component structure to further save raw materials and reduce processing of components Cost; at the same time, set up practical principles, establish the configuration of the model, set the standard and optional, and determine different configurations for different customers, to achieve optimization under the premise of meeting customer requirements, reduce product Cost; Optimize the liquefaction of equipment, the layout of electrical pipelines and circuits, so that the durability of pipelines and circuits can be improved, and the cost of after-sales maintenance can be reduced.

            Reduce waste in the manufacturing process, strengthen process control and design in the production process, reasonably adjust the production layout, and minimize waste; add all necessary processing and assembly tools, while ensuring the quality of the product, reduce unreasonable Man-hours, thereby improving production efficiency, thereby reducing production costs.

            Reduce waste in the manufacturing process, strengthen process control and design in the production process, reasonably adjust the production layout, and minimize waste; add all necessary processing and assembly tools, while ensuring the quality of the product, reduce unreasonable Man-hours, thereby improving production efficiency, thereby reducing production costs.

            In addition, you can also reduce the cost of the product through outsourcing and outsourcing. Determine the cost reduction targets for each model's outsourcing and outsourcing parts, and conduct comprehensive evaluation and management of outsourcing parts suppliers.

             (2) Combination of lean thinking and corporate culture

            The lean production method is to minimize the resources occupied by the enterprise in the production process and reduce the management and operation costs of the enterprise. Lean production is a special concept and culture. Lean production pursues perfection and excellence, excellence and perfection, and finally achieves the ultimate goal of seven zeros. Lean production is a spiritual force that can support individuals and businesses, and it is also a realm of people's self-sublimation. The characteristics and importance of precision production have already been mentioned above. There is no need to mention too much here. In the process of building the corporate culture, lean ideas are incorporated, and the combination of the actual situation of the enterprise is found, and it is found to adapt to the enterprise. Lean way of development.

             (3) Use lean thinking to control production and prevent blind production

            Utilizing the idea of lean production is superior to traditional mass production. Within the lean production architecture, there is a relationship of mutual demand and mutual adaptation between management methods and the environment, as well as a relationship of mutual support and dependence between various specific means. This can effectively prevent the phenomenon of blind follow-up production.

            Lean production also considers inventory to be the "scourge" of the enterprise, because inventory will increase the cost of operations and cover up the problems of the enterprise, and the production of inventory problems will cause blind production. Therefore, reducing inventory in lean thinking is an important means. Lean thinking requires a plan-led management method. In order to achieve timely and appropriate production and show advantages in quality, cost and delivery time, it is necessary to have a scientific and strong plan. carried out. In the production plan, the production plan is formulated according to the company's operating policy and market forecasts, that is, the annual plan, quarterly plan, and monthly plan. With the support of scientific plans, the phenomenon of blind production will not occur.

             (4) Establish an audit system in line with the actual situation of the enterprise

            From the top leader of an enterprise to the head of on-site management, the words and deeds of managers must be centered on promoting the lean value stream. If the content of lean production is only attributed to the limited time in regular employee meetings, it will be difficult to achieve better results. It is necessary to make the idea of lean production an important part of daily activities and production, and integrate the concept of lean into the production practice link. At the same time, it is necessary to build an audit and evaluation mechanism in line with lean thinking, strengthen auditing and evaluation, and let employees recognize the importance of lean thinking.

            4. Summary

            The main goal of lean production thinking is to eliminate waste as much as possible, so that the production cost of the enterprise is reduced, and the enterprise can obtain more profits. In order to achieve the goal of reducing and eliminating waste, machinery manufacturing enterprises must use the idea of lean production to build a reasonable theoretical system, make full use of the principles and methods of lean production to change the status of China's machinery manufacturing industry, and strengthen market competition force.

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