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            Dalian automobile industry next year is expected to exceed 100 billion scale
            Column:Industry news Time:2014-10-22 Browsing volume: 275

            Dalian city is the old industrial base of the northeast, it is a manufacturing site. However, a long time in the past, only automobile supporting related industries, the lack of vehicle project, it is the lack of relatively perfect automobile industry chain and industrial cluster. Now, with the settled in Chery and Dongfeng Nissan two vehicle projects, has brought the enormous influence on Dalian city industrial structure adjustment. In my city automobile industry itself, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain and industrial cluster of automobile. And in a few years time, the automobile industry cluster can reach hundreds of billions of scale, this is a major breakthrough in Dalian Industrial history.

            Produce the rolling effect, supporting industries will be explosive growth

            In October 18th, Dongfeng Nissan production plant in Dalian, which has the milestone of promoting industrial structure adjustment in Dalian significance. The automotive industry is a high degree of associated industries, related industries have dozens, and is sustainable, capital and technology intensive, contains a large number of technological innovation elements, from the engines, small to ignition coil, lamp, so the car industry is a sign of a national manufacturing level and regions.

            No vehicle before the project, Dalian City auto parts industry has been the development of a certain scale, have the world first-class level of some aspects of. In the past few decades, including FAW oshiba, Dalian tire factory and many other auto parts companies helping Dalian become the auto parts manufacturing strong city. Dalian has the world's largest production base for car audio, Volkswagen automatic transmission, Volkswagen FAW engine with German factory using the unified technical and production standards, reached the world's most advanced level in the combustion efficiency, environmental protection, economy etc.. Upgrading of FAW Volkswagen EA888 engine, international advanced technology; Berg Warner joint transmission company's automatic gearbox in international advanced technology; Dalian Panasonic Automobile Electronic System Co. Ltd., Dalian ALPINE Automobile Electronics Co., the leading domestic automobile electronic technology; leading of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet technology domestic and saddle steel ThyssenKrupp Automotive Steel Co. Ltd., Dalian automobile; the Goodyear Tire Company Limited is the largest scale, Goodyear in Asia the most advanced technology factory is "Goodyear global best factory", high-grade car tire exports Europe and the United states.

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